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As a child I aspired to be various things when I grew up. I would enact various situations, build up stories and try to recreate that world with my toys.  As I grew older, I realized it was the stories that kept me engaged in my play time. The beautiful worlds I could create when I imagined all these stories.


Being born and brought up in India, speaking five different languages and surrounded by mixed cultures there were always interesting stories around me. When I read books, I would pay more attention to the illustrations. Oh those beautiful, colorful illustrations! These helped me build my imagination for when I started to read books without pictures!


Taking up a profession in Art was thus, a rather very obvious choice for me.  I took various art classes throughout my childhood years. I did my under graduation in Applied arts from Mumbai, India and then went to the United States to pursue a Master’s degree in Visual Development and Animation. I now live in the beautiful city of London.


I love the designing part of my job, but, without a doubt, the most favorite part of my job is to connect with people and work with all the talented professionals across all disciplines. That’s where I really shine!


Besides art and art related activities I love to teach, dance, cook and bake! I have experience of teaching for over 7 years. I was a Dance instructor and used to teach art and craft activities to kids with special needs back home in India. I am currently experimenting with French food. Really tricky to find vegetarian options, but, nonetheless I enjoy it! And yes, I did try Ratatouille and I ate Ratatouille while watching Ratatouille! It had to be done!

Bhairavi Kulkarni - Visual Development Artist & Illustrator - London, UK
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